Introducing Christina Jane

The name of my blog is just simply my first name, followed by my middle one. My last name is Presmy, but I decided not to affiliate it with my personal blog as it is subject to change one day ;). Christina Jane is just more secure for me, & I like secure things.

In reality, it took me 2-3 years to actually put this blog into action after thinking about it for so long. I’ve always wanted a virtual way of putting my thoughts out there but didn’t know what to do. I don’t think YouTube is my thing (for now anyhow), but reflecting my thoughts on writing is and always has been. There aren’t many black bloggers my age (18) and I feel like this is the time in our lives where we began facing trials and tribulations beyond anyone’s understanding. Not that some of us haven’t already been through things, but I mean really going through it emotionally and mentally. With senior year coming to an end, and most of us going off to college or other walks of life that involves being in a new environment and being around new people; it’s a scary time.

I would love to sit here and say “I hope they like this, I hope they like my content.” , but in reality, I don’t care if anyone likes my blog as harsh as that may sound. Understand that I’ve spent the past few years debating on whether or not I should pursue this because of that reason. Which I now understand, that reason does not matter. This is more for me than anyone else. I just needed an outlet to express myself other than the basic social media such as Twitter.

If my openness and transparency happen to help someone else along the way that is AMAZING. But, I am literally opening myself up and being transparent to a world that can break me down in less than one second. But it’s now or never. If I am always so worried about the negative, how can the positive make its way through? So read if you want to, or don’t if you don’t, but I’ll be here, either way, writing my story and shedding light on the topics that need to be seen.

Love Always,

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