The New York of the South: ATL

Atlanta was a breath of fresh air.

The constant traffic, the breathtaking landscapes, never being able to find parking, and the Southern culture.

My friends and I decided months before leaving for college that we were going to travel somewhere. We wanted to start domestically and work our way up internationally.

Atlanta was it.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Change was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. It’s very eye-opening when it comes to the civil rights movement and the sacrifices that were made by individuals so many of us can live the lives we live today.

The microphones in the top right picture are the actual ones MLK used to deliver his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail speech.

Streets of Atlanta

Streetwater Creek State Park – Hiking is not my thing, but I was forced lol ๐Ÿ™‚ The views were amazing, so it was worth it.

Finally got to go indoor skydiving! Notice how my goggles were squeezing the life out of my cheeks!

I volunteered to go first in our group of 15 and I did pretty good!

I volunteered to go first in our group of 15 and I did pretty good!

Traveling definitely makes you closer with your friends, or whoever you decide to go with honestly. You see different sides of people and learn new things about each other.

Lunch at the Atlantic Station

Skyview Atlanta is a fancy Ferris wheel that allows you to see a great view of Atlanta from up top. I actually hate things like this and heights, so I don’t know how I even did this!

Thank you for the memories.


1. Parking will be an issue when trying to do all the tourist things. Try to always park in a parking garage because it is safer! Set extra money aside for parking alone.

2. There are a lot of homeless people roaming the streets of Atlanta. Some are very dangerous, as we had many encounters (LOL, don’t be scared), but just be aware of your surroundings always.

3. If you can I would honestly try to avoid driving around to places and go the public transportation route. TRAFFIC is crazy.

4. Keep an open heart and an open mind. This doesn’t just go for Atlanta, but really anywhere.

Overall, I loved Atlanta. Being from a predominantly white area, it was refreshing to walk into every place and see many people of color. It was nothing but great vibes. Like I said, after my official first semester of college I needed a breath of fresh air and I definitely got it. Also, can I point out that this was my first time planning a successful trip ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you, ATL.

Hereโ€™s to my future travel experiences.

Love Always,

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