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If you travel often, you’ve probably seen that one line when going through customs on the way to board your plane that almost never has anyone standing in it… you are here to find out how to be in that line on your next trip, because that is where you need to be! It’s called Global Entry.

Global entry is a program that allows you to speed through U.S customs and borders at airports because you have been screened and pre-approved! That means no taking off your shoes, a bunch of stuff from your already overpacked bag, and all that other extra stuff!

If you travel often you know how big of a deal this is to have one less hassle to go through before boarding your flight.

This is available for U.S. citizens, U.S. lawful permanent residents, and select foreign nationals.

I applied for Global Entry earlier this year and this is how my process went:

Step One: I went to this link ( and hit “Apply Now”

TSA Precheck is included in Global Entry so you might as well just get Global Entry.

The difference? TSA Pre-check is for speeding through customs when departing from U.S airports to other destinations. It costs $85 USD 

Global Entry is for speeding through customs from international destinations. It costs $100 USD. 

Step Two: Fill out the application, which is pretty straight forward!


Step Three: I was conditionally approved within two business days and had the option to go to an interview center or do approval upon arrival from a foreign country.

There were no centers near me, but I as traveling out of the country soon, so I waited until I got back to be officially approved.

This can only be done at certain airports, so be sure to research! I did mine at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Items Needed: 



-Pieces of mail with my name on them (I chose insurance bills). 


While going through customs to enter back into the U.S I told the officer at the booth that I was conditionally approved for Global Entry and needed to do my interview. 


He referred me to the officer who did Global Entry interviews. I waited for maybe 15 minutes, got asked a few questions, got my picture taken, and was approved within a total of 45 minutes. The actual interview process was super easy. I got my Global Entry number on the spot and the physical card in the mall in 2 weeks. 


Your Global Entry status is valid for five years before having to be renewed again! 


The process was very easy, fast, and smooth for me overall! 


Using Global Entry on my travels has been HEAVEN and if this sounds like something that would be beneficial to you, definitely apply.


Leave any questions below, I’d be more than happy to help!


Love Always, 

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