Roojerry Dangervil - Motivational Speaker & Poet

Roojerry Dangervil is a 23-year old Haitian-American from Miami, Florida. In this interview, Roojerry explains how he began speaking at various events and gives an insight into his craft. When did you begin writing poetry? I began writing poetry when I was in middle school; I used to rap. I look at my writing from then and now & I can't help but laugh. What was your most significant moment so far in life that made you stop and go “I need to share my story and help others.”? I've had several significant moments, but what propelled to really keep pushing and telling my story was when I used poetry as an outlet to deal with my depression. I just had to feel like I wasn't alone in the way I felt

Why I Stopped Going To Church

I watched a sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts. She said “For me church taught me how to pretend. Cause I didn’t really fit, and I didn’t really understand why so many people had so much joy and then could go into life. Like how do you deal with life and have this joy? It didn’t really make sense to me because I had all of these questions and all of these confusions in my head. I didn’t wanna shout about it, I wanted to talk about it. Like, how did you get there? We do an incredible job of talking about where we are now, but nobody tells us how we got there. I’d pretend in church on Sunday, then try to figure things out on my own Monday - Saturday. I just wanted to get my mask together, so that I

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