66 Things to Do in Accra

Things to do in Accra

Accra immediately captivates its visitors in its culture, from meaningful traditions to the everyday way of life in the city. Arriving in Accra, you can expect to experience a little bit of everything. Between the popping nightlife scene, elaborate history, and everyday rhythms of the city, Accra has something to offer to all of its […]

How I’m Getting My Master’s Degree for Free in Ghana

In this blog post, I will tell you about a fellowship I applied for in 2020 that changed the course of my life and is allowing me to earn my Master’s in International Relations for FREE (yes, $0.00) in one of my favorite countries, Ghana.

How to Take A Tro-Tro in Ghana

Tro-tros are the most local form of transportation in Ghana and come in handy when trying to save a few coins! Tro-Tros are mid-sized vans with seating for about 10-15 people at a time that roams the streets of Ghana at all times of the day. Whether you have just moved to Ghana and you […]

6 Things Living in Ghana for Six Months Has Taught Me

To think that half a year ago, I packed my bags in Florida and began a 24+ hour journey to Accra, Ghana, my new home for the next few years, is still insane. Month one reminded me of my 2019 travels in Ghana. That carefree, naive little girl was looking for good times and good […]

18 Things to Know Before Visiting Ghana

what to know before visiting ghana

 Ghana is often considered to be one of the friendliest and easiest African countries to navigate, especially if you want to go alone. While this may be true, traveling in Ghana still comes with its ups and downs. You often won’t know what you don’t know in Ghana until you are confronted with it. While […]