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Updated: May 11, 2020

I've been doing AMAZING lately! Life has been treating me well. So with that being said, I have more time to pour into my writing and to speak on the topics most important to me.

Let me answer a question I got very briefly to kick this series off.

How did you start your blog & why? Any advice for others who want to start one as well?

Starting this blog was something that was on my heart since my Sophomore year of high school. However, I didn't put it into action until the end of my Senior year. Why? I often have a lot of great ideas that my interest disappears on, so I wanted to make sure it's something I wanted to do for me. So I paid someone to get the website designed for me because I didn't know where to start, then literally re-designed the entire site over myself after a few months! I bought a domain name, and here we are! I already had a lot of blog entries in the Notes section of my phone, so content was never an issue.

My advice to others who want to start a lifestyle blog? Ask yourself if you are doing it for you, or for the views of others. If it's the second one, then wait a while before creating one. Because A) Not everyone cares about you and your life. and B) You are going to be so focused on the views and getting readers that you miss that main point. Don't just blog just to say you do it. I see a lot of people creating lifestyle blogs, but more for the purpose of using it as a diary, which I've never personally understood, but hey, to each its own. Whatever the reason, do it for you!

I'm excited to launch this series, but I need your questions to keep it going! Leave your questions in the comments or, for those that are feeling a little shy, feel free to use the little chat symbol on the side of your screen. It's completely anonymous :)

Other ways to contact me:

-Instagram: christinaajp


-Twitter: ChristinaJaneP (I'm barely on here these days, but I'll try lol)

Love Always,


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