black girl, white world

Why now? I keep asking myself.

My brothers and sisters have BEEN getting killed.

We talk about it, we slap a hashtag in front of their names, add them to the long list with the others, and we go on about our lives.

But this one was different. Is it the fact that the world is on lockdown, so people have no choice, but to listen?

Is the quarantine leaving so many bored that the protests are becoming "something to do" for many?

The last time I lost so much sleep was during my worst depression.

Late nights and early mornings trying to get people to understand my point of view:

These people live in my city.

The city my parents will retire in most likely.

The experiences that have shaped my perspective, but never influenced thank God.

For as long as I lived here, "black love" was a concept that seemed so far out of reach.

I'm tired as hell.

Y'all can have this country.

I'm off to find one that genuinely loves people like me.

One that I can raise kids in someday without having to wonder if they'll be the next hashtag.

Love Always,


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