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Another entry for the "Ask Christina" series: "How did you start your blog. "What would you say is the most challenging thing and most satisfying thing about having a blog."

I finally started my blog around the time I was graduating high school in 2018. Before that, I knew I wanted to start it for two years, but frankly, I was just trying to get through high school before I did. I was about to move to an entirely new city for the first time, move out of my parent's house, have freedom lol and I wanted my blog to come along with me on the journey. I had no idea where to start when it came to setting it up so:

I use Wix for my blog.

WordPress just was not giving me the look I wanted for my blog and seemed way to complicated. There was a girl on Instagram (I no longer have her contact) who was doing really cheap websites as a side hustle, so I had her set up and design my original website for me. This way the design was already there and I could make changes as necessary, which I did and the blog doesn't look anything like it did back then and I've learned more about creating.

Buy a domain

Your domain is the name of your site. I own two, as my original domain ( no longer fit what I wanted it to be. They aren't really expensive as you would think. I believe starting out it's like $100 ish and I pay around $60 to maintain that and $100+ to maintain my site yearly. You can pay monthly, but I don't like having monthly bills held over my head.

Your niche

Figure out what it is you want your blog to be about. Lifestyle, food, travel, sports, college, medical school. The categories are endless. But remember to do it for you and not for the views because those will come with consistency and passion.

The most challenging thing about having a blog honestly nothing really because I'm doing this for me. I don't expect and never have expected my blog to be monetized, or blow up because that's just not what I started it for. Now if it does, that's amazing, but it's genuinely something I love doing and putting information out there that others can relate to.

The most rewarding thing is when people message me saying they did relate and the love my content, etc. I love the interaction and not many people take the time to read anymore, so it's a blessing.

Just start, if you're thinking about it. That's the first step!

Love Always,


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