Breaking Barriers

I have a huge family and members that are located everywhere.

From Haiti to Paris, from Florida to New York.

So it actually really bothers me that we are all not as close as we should be.

It seems like the only time we meet up is for a wedding (which rarely happens), or a funeral.

Is the occasion where we are burying someone underground really the time for a family reunion?

At the end of November 2019 I set out on a personal mission to repair familial relations and bad blood.

I started planning a family reunion, ways I was going to reach out to people more and spend more time with them.

Number one being with my father.

Whew, that's a story in itself that I'll share when I'm ready, but that's my biggest familial struggle probably.

I love that college gave me the space I needed to figure out who I was away from the drama and constant headaches, but I still wish my family was closer.

Not pretend to be close, but actually be close.

I tend to write on a surface level sometimes. I give, then push back. I'm working on it.

Love Always,


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