, But God

You see this right here? This is the beginning of a great post.

I've been trying to be much more open about my battle with mental health.

Today my post was supposed to be about how I don't want to be in college and how I'm just here because society says so and blazé blah, but God.

I published the post and not even 5 minutes later took it down.

Why? Because for once, I feel good.

I feel different.

I get out of bed a little differently, my thoughts are different, my interactions with people are different. I'm different.

I can't even really explain it, but this semester is going to be different.

I can almost feel God standing over my head sprinkling hope and drive into my body again.

I've been praying a lot lately and I can tell God has been answering all of my prayers.

Great things are coming...and I can't wait.

Love Always,


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