Dear 2018,

You broke me.

I’m broken, yet this is probably the best year I’ve had in my life thus far... funny right?

The events that took place in my life during this time period caused an increase in my depression and anxiety episodes.

But it was also the time where I found myself.

I got a sprinkle of hope back.

Not much, but enough to get out of bed every day.

Got a bit of my ambition back. I got a taste of what it felt like to be hungry for my success again.

Hell, I even accomplished being the first one in my family to go off to college and do it free of charge.

I proved a lot of people wrong and went to a university six hours away from home.

I moved to Tallahassee and started a new life which has been nothing like I imagined but filled with lessons and blessings (ha).

I’ve met some amazing people this year, done some amazing things, and learned a lot.

Most importantly, I figured out what I truly want to do in this life.

BUT, this is only the beginning.

2018, just like every year before you…

You owe me absolutely nothing.

2019, welcome.

Love Always,


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