Updated: Dec 11, 2018

I have waited for this day ever since I stepped foot into high school

in 2014. The day where I would walk across the stage in my gown as I

receive my long awaited diploma.

The feelings of joy and excitement that I felt yesterday was beyond unimaginable.

I mean I literally did not want to take my graduation gown off! I thought I

would only feel feelings of relief when this day came, but instead, I was actually kind

of sad the day went by so fast.

I am just so proud of myself and I am now realizing how much I did/do

within school and beyond, in my community. I mean others have always

seen something in me that I have always struggled to see as well, but I

think I am finally on the same page.

Quick Recap:

-5.0 GPA

-Licensed Nursing Assistant

-Over $11,000 in scholarships

-34 free college credits (college sophomore classification)

-First Generation College Student

-President of the Future Business Leaders of America

-National Honor Society Member

-Student Government Class Secretary and Class Representative

-Scholars Club Member

-Teen Trendsetters Mentor

& so much more.

Not bragging at all (okay maybe a tad bit).

Congratulations to all of the other graduates, at both the high school

and collegiate level. The world is truly ours, as with education comes


Love Always,


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