Dos & Don’ts Before Entering College

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

🔵DO Bring Business Professional Attire

For some people, this is second nature, but allow me to explain. I knew I would need business professional clothing for important events, but I definitely underestimated the number of events that required me to put on a suit especially as a Pre-Social Work Major.

Interest meetings for organizations, career fairs, field trips, seminars, etc might all require this kind of wear.

I came to college with a suit by CHANCE and thank God that I did every day. If you aren’t in business or your major doesn’t require you to be looking professional for any event on a regular basis you might not know this. You WILL have interviews, career fairs and other events where you will need to look the part, so please make it happen so you aren’t trying to scramble around a new town with no car trying to buy clothing for an event last minute. It will not be fun.

🔵 DON'T stress about making friends before stepping foot on campus

You are going to see friendships forming right before your eyes in the GroupMes, Twitter, etc. Please do not let it stress you out if it doesn't seem to be happening for you. It’s easy to see people forming “connections” and start overthinking about not knowing anyone because you THINK everyone has friends already. The key word there was “THINK”.

The truth is, most people really aren’t even as close as they seem online. I talked to so many people via DMS before stepping on campus and probably ended up only actually talked to 3-5 of them on campus despite me reaching out. So don’t think you have to be loud and active on social media to find friends. While it is a great way to meet people and possibly find your friend group, don’t rely solely on that and panic if you find yourself in an opposite situation. I’m not saying don’t try to make friends before getting on campus, but I am saying that if you find yourself not doing what you see your other classmates doing don’t worry about it you will meet people once you get here :)

I came to college knowing absolutely no one & now that my freshman year has come to an end, I can confidently say that I have met some great people!

🔵DO save money before school starts if your parents are not your own personal bank

I saved up $1,000 before school started because I don't know about you, but my parents are definitely not my personal bank account LOL. I knew that being a freshman with no car, adjusting to my new life, and not really knowing the area, finding a job at first would be difficult.

There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about how screwed I would have been my first semester of college had I not had that money saved up. If you are going into college with a car then you really don't have to stress about this "DO" because you can get a job :), but as most freshmen don't want to work their first year save money, or struggle more than you should have to.

SIDENOTE: A lot of people will say that in a college town it's hard to find a job, but I have had a great experience finding an off-campus job my first year that was close to campus. Be persistent and call these employers back! You will work for what you really want.

🔵DON'T scout for your mentor, big brother/big sister.

Social media has provided us with the blessing and the curse of being able to see what others are doing right at our fingertips. You will see whose who on campus and who holds certain positions that you are interested in. This might compel you to reach out and seek advice or guidance.

Not all guidance, is good guidance and that's something I really wish I would have known.

Please get to know people in person and determine if they are the right people for you to be looking up to. Also, make sure that they genuinely care to help you and are willing to serve in your best interest.

🔵DO Reach out to someone if you are having a hard time preparing &/or adjusting to college.

This one hits home. I had a rough adjustment to college and was learning so much about myself in the process. My adjustment had nothing to do with academics, it was just a lot of personal things I was feeling within that I couldn’t even explain sometimes. I felt like I wasn’t meeting the type of people I thought I would, and like my expectations just were not being met, and found myself constantly questioning why I’m even in college.

Please talk to someone if you’re having a hard time. I would say reach out to a peer you think would be able to relate as opposed to a counselor just because they are at the same stage in life, but counselors can be great too.

Also just know that you have a friend in me regardless of what school you attend.

🔵DON'T get caught up in the hype

You’re going to see a lot and peep a lot before even stepping foot on campus. More specifically, people who are trying to make a name for themselves before even meeting each other in person. It might be with bad intentions, it might be with good, but just don’t get caught up in the hype even on social media when certain topics are being discussed it’s easy to get caught up. Find out what’s important to you in a sense and stay true to yourself. Once again, don’t get caught up. I’m repeating it because you’re not really going to understand what I mean by this “DON'T” until you do lol.

Future incoming freshman classes, I hope these tips find you well. Enjoy your first year of college, you only get one.

Love Always,


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