He, His, Him

Looking back, he didn’t really ever try to get to know me, but always did like the idea of me.

He called me names, and was constantly trying to make me feel bad about myself, or write a narrative about me that was far from the truth.

I would get frustrated because I felt like he should have known me so much better than he did and vice versa.

So that’s when I knew that time meant nothing.

Yet, I continued to stick around because it’s easier to stick around bad behavior, then to start all over with someone new.

Our highs felt like heaven...not that we knew what that felt like.

Started when we were 12. I mean what did we know then?


We’re 20 now and nothing’s changed.

Im grateful though because he showed me exactly what I don’t want.

So today I’m choosing to let you go and accept better.

So Bye…...........forever.

At least I hope this time.

Love Always,


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