Home Sweet What?

"When your mind is tiny, you get easily injured and that is the source of injury for many these days."

As I make the transition back home I can't help but to think about the what ifs.

What if this negative environment gets the best of me AGAIN after these past few weeks of peace and getting in tune with myself?

What if I can't stay as consistent as I plan to be?

I had a meditation session today with a Balinese man named Wayan.

He told me two things that really stuck out to me.

"When your mind is tiny, you get easily injured and that is the source of injury for many these days."

It hit me hard because of how true it is.

It always surprises me how the simplest statements hold the most truth.

He went on to explain how because he isn't attractive, it keeps him from cheating on his wife.

Because he has a wider head than most of his friends, it has allowed him to love his wide head.

"There’s a blessing hidden in each thing and when you’re able to find those blessings, life blossoms like a flower."

He told me that there was beauty and positivity in EVERYTHING and a reason for everything essentially.

Maybe you don't have a car or a scooter because God wants you to get that physical exercise in (LOL), but it's true.

Maybe he wants you to meet someone on your way walking somewhere.

Maybe you do have a car because God saw all the times you got wet in the rain and now you get to extend a ride to others so they don't get wet.

Lately I've been able to brush off the negativity of others a lot more easily and it's because I have expanded my mindset, so I don't get easily injured anymore :)

The mind is so powerful man.

Now all I have to do is apply these things to my everyday life, which is so much easier said than done like always because the people I'm surrounded by challenge me more than I would like...

BUT maybe that's because God wants to challenge my patience ;) ( See what I did there!)

Love Always,


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