I Don’t Think I’m A Good Friend, BUT I’m Trying

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Truth is...

as much as I would love to be there for you... I can’t.

Because how can I tackle a whole set of issues that aren’t even mine when I haven’t found the root of my own yet?

I simply don’t think I’m a good friend.

Yes, we can go out and I’ll make you laugh when you need to, and I'm good for all of the highs, but... not the lows.

I can’t be there for you when you need me the most.

And please don’t hate me for it, I don’t mean any harm.

I want to be there for you I really do, but I just don’t know how because I can't even catch my own self when I'm falling, so how can I possibly catch you...

I don't like hearing about your problems. Not because I don't care, but because I know there's not much I can do and I'll think about it all day and let it suffocate my mental state.

I can't afford to add problems that aren't my own because I haven't found the root of those issues, so how can I possibly take care of yours?

Just know that I love you and I'm trying my best.

Love Always,


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