"I Need To Move Out, But Finances"

“So I’m moving into a dorm room for college this fall, getting no assistance from my parents even though they make too much so I can't qualify for anything except loans. I’m working as much as I can this summer, but I’m afraid of putting myself in a tight financial situation, but I need to move out for very personal reasons, so I just want to ask what types of scholarships I could look for. I’m going to be a sophomore in college.”

First of all, thank you for writing in!

Depending on where you are moving student housing can be super cheap in college towns. If you can be sure to look at apartments around your area because it tends to be way cheaper than student housing, but I know that requires stable transportation.

If you have a car, start Door Dashing! It’s a great way to have some side income as a student and its very easy and busy in colleges.

I’ve won over $20,000 since entering college, so thankfully everything has always been covered. Not by luck, but applying to scholarships and programs that worked for me. Don’t be discouraged, or not apply for a scholarship because you think it’s “too little”. I applied to tons of $1000 ones, won and they added up! The trick to this is to get all of this money to go towards school, and the extra refunded into your pockets :)

Here’s a list of scholarships to apply to:

Daniel Burrus $1000 Scholarship: https://www.burrus.com/scholarship/

Bessie Smith Scholarship Program: https://bessiesmithscholarship.com

Oklahoma State-Specific Scholarships: https://www.collegescholarships.com/local/oklahoma-scholarships

Career Enjoyment Scholarship: https://www.careerenjoyment.com/career-coach-scholarship/

-Local sorority and fraternity chapter scholarships/education sponsorship

-Local banks, churches

Assistance Programs:

I found this one for your state: The Oklahoma College Assistance Program. https://www.ocap.org/about/index.shtml

What I would do for this is email the Board and explain your situation and see if they can provide any funds for you, or are willing to sponsor you. Draft a well-crafted email.

This doesn’t just go for Boards like this, but your financial aid office as well. Speak to the director/ someone in the administration who isn't “too high at the top, but has the power” if that makes sense lol. They are often able to pull a lot of strings low-key.

Also, see if it’s not too late to become a Resident Assistant (RA) so you can get free or deducted housing! These positions are usually filled before Summer, but we are in a pandemic and I know for a fact that some of those RAs will not feel comfortable coming back.

This isn’t even half of the ideas I have for you, but I want to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and really advocate for yourself if you are in a bad situation and really need to leave.

If you can stick it out one more semester, I would continue to save and live with a family member if you can.

Closed mouths don’t get fed! Don’t be afraid to explain your situation to others in your state/city/college campus without sharing too much of the personal stuff. You’d be surprised who and how they can help.

I wish the best luck & please reach out if you have any more questions :)

Love Always,


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