Updated: Dec 11, 2018

I welcomed senior year with open arms and confidence. I was finally at the end.

Dual enrollment was my secret blessing. It was my way out. I got a taste of what college would be like earlier and I loved every moment of it. The freedom, the annoying professors, the curriculum, and the fact that it was all available to me free of charge.

When I tell you that it was a blessing I mean it would definitely go on to be one of the main reasons why my senior year was different and more soothing than my junior year.

I had way more time than I would have had I had a regular highschool schedule. I put it all into applying for scholarships, working and college applications.

By the end of my senior year, when I had all these banquets and award ceremonies for scholarships and recognition, I knew I had made it. This is what I worked for these past few years.

Its funny because I would see certain people from my school at some of these events who played no role in getting me to where I was and couldn’t take the time to properly guide me as a student, but had no problem sitting at my award table and taking credit for my successes, but that's life. People never want to be there for you on your journey, but always want to be there at the end when you prevailed.

I am blessed because I never stopped. I never stopped fighting for my education, fighting for my opportunity at a better life. No matter what, I never stopped doing my schoolwork. Till this day, I couldn't tell you how. When all I wanted to do was lay in bed and even considered dropping out at one point with a GPA and academic resume as great as mine, I didn't.

I kept going. I kept going because I knew it would get better. I didn't know when, but I knew eventually I would get to say "I made it", and I wouldn't be talking about the little diploma Id be holding in my hands at the end.

I believe that for every bad situation, there is good in it. Every loss to me is a lesson. So I will say, if I never went to this school I would never be as independent, successful, & driven as I have grown to be. I would always need someone next to me in order to do something whether its go out in public, join a club, ANYTHING. That’s kind of how I was my freshman year, but my “alone time” showed me that I don't always have to be surrounded by people in order to do things.

In a wrap, my high school experience wasn't the best, but it was necessary for me to feel the things I did, and go through the things I went through, in order for me to excel to my greatest potential. If I didn't, I would definitely be going to college in the Fall, with the wrong mindset.

This school and my experiences here have taught me to at least TRY to walk with my head up high, don’t take disrespect lightly, & that I will forever be myself’s biggest advocate in this life. I have learned that people are going to talk about you regardless, so just do you and most importantly BE HAPPY. Find those things that give you genuine joy and really enjoy them. The way I see it we’re all going to die anyway, so I guess the question you have to ask yourself is if you died tomorrow would you be happy with the life you have lived?

So that’s my story. To my upcoming freshman in high school, just remember that you’re in charge of writing your own. Make it a good one. You can have a great high school experience. Talk to new people, join clubs that interest you, and don't let anybody dull your sparkle.

Love Always,


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