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Am I the black girl with the 4c curls who hates her hair because I would much rather sit through a wig install than to moisturize, deep condition, & detangle?

In a world that is NOW choosing to embrace natural hair, I actually had a guy stare at my twists for a good minute then say "When I have a wife, she's only going to wear her natural hair and why don’t you wear yours?"

Sir, good luck with that & I don’t know why you feel the need to express that to me because quite honestly I don’t plan on being your wife lol.

I get it from my parents, my grandma, my friends & the list goes on. Like they are going to supply my products.

My natural hair isnt a form of acceptance. Hair is definitely an important part of being black and everyone’s hair journey is a personal one.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not bald headed.

I have been through so much with my hair I'm just tired at this point LOL.

I never really wear my natural hair out not because I hate it, but because it's more work than it's worth for me personally.

My hair goes through so many stages. It’s been healthy, damaged, long, short & as of one month ago I got a little scissor happy, so under this wig is a happily nappy short fro.

So no, I don’t hate my hair. I’m still learning about what makes mine flourish.

I’m in the process of getting my hair restored because in 5 months, a change is coming.

Stop letting the latest trends dictate how YOU feel about YOUR features. Everyone wasnt this hype and pressed over natural hair a few years ago. Love your hair in whatever state it’s in.

Love Always,


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