Around April of last year, my freshman year of college, I was taking Ls after Ls.

One day while at work, some of those Ls decided to hit me all at once. I found out that I owed the school a ton of money, family issues, I wouldn't be able to transfer jobs back home, so I had no idea how I was supposed to fund my study abroad trip, and I received an email stating that I was denied a position for an organization that I really wanted all in the same 30 minutes I started my shift.

Back then these little things seemed like the world.

There was this customer. I always admired her from afar and she came into my line to check-out a lot. She was black and beautiful, her body was in shapeeee like muscles and all, her natural hair was flourishing, and she just seemed like she was about her shit. I was always giving her super positive energy and greetings, but it really just seemed like sis wanted to get in and out and wasn't for the small talk which was fine.

But on this day, I was the one who wasn't for the small talk and she noticed. I began scanning her items as usual, and everything seemed normal and suddenly she asks me "Are you down today?" and the tears I was already fighting back began to come back. Kind of like when someone asks you if you're okay, but you're not and trying to get it together, but them asking that makes you think about the person or thing that's making you "not okay", so your eyes began to tear up? Yea.

Mind you I'm surprised this lady is even talking to me because she never says much when I am actually trying to start a conversation with her lol. So then she proceeds to ask me if there's anything she can buy for me in the store to make me feel better and I'm like no it's fine. I really didn't want anything and as an employee I was iffy about it anyways. So after asking a few more times, she left.

Towards the end of my shift my manager tells me there's something for me on the counter.

She brought me flowers and on the receipt she wrote "Feel Better Christina. #PressAndFly".

At this point, a tear fell down my face because what!

This woman noticed. A customer who I had less than a minute interactions with probably 3x a week. Mind you it's my job to be all friendly, but in that moment, she saw me.

That night when I went back into my dorm at almost midnight, I finally cried the cry I had been holding in for hours. I cried tears of sadness, but pure tears of joy. Joy because this woman gave me hope. Anytime someone in this world filled with so much evil gives me hope, I am overly grateful.

I thought about her everyday, but I ended up leaving my job to go study abroad so I never saw her again. During my time in Ghana, I found her on Instagram! She's a wellness coach and she is so inspirational.

She said: "There was a true concern for you that day and it was meant for me to see you upset. We are here to help one another, and just like others have assisted me, it was my turn to assist you."

I'm thankful for moments like these that I will never forget. I'm thankful for good people.

Love Always,


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