Relationships—No Not That Kind.

In a time where people are quick to cut others off, or just completely dismiss them like they never played a role in their life, I've been realizing how screwed I am.

I take relationships extremely seriously -- friendships, romantic, academic, personal. Alldat.

I think about people everyday all day. People who I'm close with, and those who I'm not even more.

The reality is people can either make your life better, or worse.

Transitioning into college I had this cute picture of me and all my new girl friends having sleepovers and going to all these campus events together & boy was I wrong lol.

But it's taught me a lot about myself.

I noticed that I tend to value people and their friendship, while most people have taken my friendship for granted time and time again.

They don't realize how much they miss hearing about my life until I choose to love them far away.

Same thing with romantic relationships. I've been told that I can "come off strong" and "pushy". Yet, when I stop caring that's when I'm pursued more. Like what?

I have this weird thing where I can kind of tell how close I'll allow myself to get to someone when I first meet them. That could be me blocking my blessings.

The thing is, not everyone deserves your friendship, or the best version of you.

Not everyone deserves my transparency either, yet here I am.

Love Always,


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