The Beauty Of Not Having It All Figured Out

I used to HATE it when I would say something and people would say “Girl you’re only 19 relax.”

Almost like my feelings and thoughts didn’t matter because I was “young.”

These last couple of months I have realized how blessed I am to have the mindset that I have at such a young age. I get it now.

The reality is I really am only 19, and in an American society where life milestones are constantly being defined by age, it’s hard to remember to go at your own pace sometimes.

If we are talking about going at our own paces, I’m way ahead of the game. Yet I always feel as if I’m rushing to the next “success".

I came into college with credits that put me an entire year ahead and it's almost like I forgot that and was still rushing to graduate early when I was already technically graduating early.

I'm 19 and I'm working on my credit. Something most people ruin by now and start caring about towards their late 20s, when it really starts to hinder their life choices.

And more.

Where am I now at this stage?

I'm taking my time with school. I'm focusing on living more intentionally every day and living to work towards my dreams instead of putting all of my efforts into school and letting it suck me dry.

It's been great so far.

Love Always,


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