To Live Or To Die

So I am currently solo traveling through certain parts of Southeast Asia.

I feel so free and that I am actually enjoying all that life has to offer, but of course my biggest enemy, anxiety has to come along and try to alter my thought process.

I realized that I fear death.

Like when I'm at home or back in my college town I'm always on edge because I know that if I were to die at this moment I didn't live life the way I wanted to.

But when I'm in other countries I'm living the way I want to, yet I fear death in the sense of "what if I don't live to tell about it." "what if they try to use me as an example for why you shouldn't travel alone, etc."

I want to be here to tell my own narrative, hence this blog.

That's where my mind is today because people are good at instilling fear in others.

Whether or not they realized it or not, so many people spoke as if I was going to come in contact with the coronavirus. The media's latest "make people panic" story.

Well, coronavirus can't hold me down.

I have to continue to live intentionally and live to tell my narrative.

Someone is always listening and watching.

Love Always,


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