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"Share a sex story or the best sex you've ever had." #AskChristina


I'm gonna be honest, at one point I did have a lot of pride regarding virginity.

There's something about no man being able to say they've had you that is so satisfying.

On the other hand, I feel like friction is so casual these days and I don’t get how.

How do you risk soul-ties, pregnancy, and diseases for temporary pleasure with someone you don’t even care about?

It’s truly beyond me, BUT

There is this side that understands a "hoe season" (for a lack of better words lol).

The chance to learn what I like and don't like. I want sexual exploration. But not just with anyone and that's why I'm still here.

I know myself and realistically "a hoe season" wouldn't be the best emotionally. Maybe once I'm in a committed relationship, or I find someone who isn't childish or annoys me.

Also, I'm tired of young men being able to have that sexual exploration freely without question while young women are labeled negatively for it.

Usually, when I'm feeling this way Mike Todd gets me together really quickly especially with this new "Relationship Goals Re-Loaded" Series that is coming for my neck.

When I was 13 I wanted a purity ring because I wanted to wait until marriage and at the time I was building my relationship with God and honestly I'm so happy that idea has sailed because I'm a ticking time bomb these days lol.

But on a more serious note, I'm still in a weird place with my spirituality so it's hard for me to make that promise when I don't even really know why I'm making it, it just sounds like "good thing to say."

So yes, I wish I had this amazing sex story to share with y'all, but I don't lol.

I told y'all no topic was off-limits for this series, so keep sending your questions in, this is fun.

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Love Always,

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