At the age of 19 in the middle of my sophomore year of college depressed and uninspired, I flew halfway across the world from Florida to Asia on my first solo trip to Thailand and Indonesia. From there I was hooked and 

From pinching pennies to save up for my dream trip to Bali, Indonesia at 19 years old during the worst depression and anxiety episodes of my life, to now living in Accra, Ghana for the next two years while I get my Masters degree for free. My goal is to show people who feel that travel is too out of reach for them that they CAN because I did. 

What originally started as solely a lifestyle blog in 2018 to work on my transparency is now a travel lifestyle blog where I aim to tie lifestyle topics like dating, relationships, and mental health into traveling or just sharing dope experiences. 

As an International Relations student in Ghana and aspiring diplomat, travel is deeper to me than just pretty pictures and a getaway. Learning about various cultures allows me to connect them to a bigger picture: the world. 

This blog is my way of giving back to others through the knowledge gained from my adventures and experiences shared through my lens — both good and bad. The reality of traveling is not always pretty, and that’s okay. 

My story matters. Your story matters. There is beauty in the struggle. You never know who is watching. Your openness could lead to someone else’s breakthrough.

So here’s to transparency and more travels.


Love Always,