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Christina Jane's Portfolio

Greetings! I’m Christina, a travel and lifestyle blogger.

In 2021, I entered the travel freelance journalism space quickly gaining traction and securing bylines with notable publications like Fodor’s Travel, Lonely Planet, and Insider, among others. My portfolio showcases the breadth of my writing contributions across multiple  publications over the last few years.

Please feel free to contact me for press trips or hosted experiences (for created content, sponsored blog posts, or in exchange for a guaranteed article on your platform) via email:

Article for XO NECOLE:

How My Solo Stay At A Luxury Hotel Helped Me ReAffirm What Luxury Means to Me As A Black Woman: Kempinski Cancun Review

Stepping into an environment known for relaxation and refined experiences, I embarked on a journey that transcended lavish accommodations and exquisite amenities.

In this article I provide a breakdown of the stunning Kempinski Hotel in Cancun, Mexico and give a personal narrative on what luxury means to me.

Article for LONELY PLANET:

14 of the Best Things to do in Florida

In addition to being home to some of the world's most thrilling amusement parks, Florida has a captivating blend of experiences that fuse a rich history, diverse cities, and natural encounters into an enticing escape.

Whether savoring Haitian cuisine within the borders of Little Haiti or submerging yourself into the waters of a crystal-clear spring, Florida has a trove of experiences that will have you planning your trip before you leave.


Most 'Anywhere Workers' Are Bad for Locals. Here's How To Not Be.

Low costs of living, a fresh start, and an opportunity to explore somewhere new and exciting – sounds like a dream, right? Currently, an estimated 9 million Americans live abroad, many of whom hope to live the proverbial dream and create a better life abroad. Backed by legitimate motivations like affordable healthcare and a slower pace of life, American expatriates (more commonly known as “expats”) have been on the rise.

Article for VIATOR:

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Haiti for Your Next Caribbean Vacation

Tourists travel to the island annually to unwind and immerse themselves in a region that offers a range of experiences, from appreciating the country’s empowering history, to taking in sweeping beaches, to joining in robust cultural traditions. Whether you're climbing up the Citadelle or indulging in fresh-caught seafood, you’ll probably find that just one visit isn’t enough. Here's why Haiti should make your shortlist as you plan your next escape to the Caribbean.


Margaritaville At Sea Cruise from Florida to the Bahamas Review

I boarded a cruise with Margaritaville at Sea to Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas last June, two months after the cruise line started sailing out of Florida. With booking rates as low as $189 per person before taxes and fees, the cruise markets itself as a short, affordable tropical getaway. After additional fees ($12 a day for fuel and $15 a day for gratuities), one excursion, and other items purchased around the ship, I ended up spending around $450. Here's what my experience was like.


The Best Cafes in Accra

Accra is home to many remote workers, students, and creatives who are always looking for relaxing workspaces with great WiFi or just a place to meet with others. After living in Ghana for two years and practically living inside cafes for a great amount of that time, I have had the pleasure of visiting many cafes in Accra and narrowing down some of my best ones in this blog post. Here are over a dozen of cafes you can visit when in Accra!

Article for Lonely Planet:

What to eat and drink in Ghana

While most visitors to Ghana will leap at the opportunity to try fufu (a ball of mashed cassava, yam or plantain), the West African country has plenty of other traditional foods and drinks for travelers to seek out too. From oily palm nut soup paired with starches like banku (cooked balls of fermented corn flour) to rice water porridge, going hungry in Ghana will be the least of your worries.

Article for Time Out:

The 53 best cities in the world in 2022 - Accra #43

Every year, we quiz thousands of city-dwellers worldwide about life in their hometown right now. We want to know about the restaurant scene and the bar circuit. The theatre and the art galleries. The nightlife and the dating apps. What the neighbours are like and which neighbourhoods are actually cool. The idea is to create a global snapshot of city living, and point people in the direction of the places locals are really raving about.

Article for Fodor's:

A Guide to Visiting and Supporting the Black-Owned Businesses of Tremé, New Orleans

Black culture and history are the heartbeats of New Orleans. As the oldest African American neighborhood in the country, Faubourg Tremé, commonly referred to as Tremé, is the epicenter of a fusion of Black culture that tells the story of the African descendants that elevated the rhythm of the city.


I became a virtual assistant as a college student. These are my 4 tips for getting started.

Christina Jane became a virtual assistant as an undergrad, after working part-time for Amazon. She continued to work as a virtual assistant when she moved to Ghana for grad school. These are her four tips for starting out in virtual assisting.

Article for Fodor's:

Why Black Americans Are Saying Ghana Is the Place to Be

Ghana has become a repatriation hot-spot for many Black Americans over the last few years. For some, Ghana is a destination where worries about safety and racism are non-existent. For others, Ghana is a place where expatriates feel they can effortlessly thrive while connecting with their ancestral roots. These ex-pats give an insight into their lives in Ghana and what has made them stay.

Article for Lonely Planet:

Helpful tips to know before traveling to Ghana

Travelers have plenty to look forward to on their trip to culturally rich Ghana. The country’s compelling history, vibrant clothing prints and flavorful dishes are attractive to first-time visitors and keep people coming back for more. Ghana’s warm-hearted citizens make the country one of the friendliest spots in West Africa. Whether it's your first time visiting or you’re returning, navigating the ways of Ghana can be tricky. Here's what you need to know to prepare for your trip to Ghana.


From Port au Prince to Cooking with Ludacris, Meet the Chef Showcasing Haitian Cuisine to the World

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haitian Alain Lemaire's love for cooking began with his passion for eating. Now, he is an award-winning chef that has made appearances on several well-known cooking shows.

Article for Lonely Planet:

Sample local life on a 9-day journey around Ghana

Ghana welcomes guests with immersive experiences, intriguing history, and a hospitable spirit. Ghana provides an atmosphere of pure enjoyment: spirited melodies of Afrobeats, lively street life, and standing traditions all contribute to forever memories in this West African gem. Here is a 9-day itinerary to Accra and Cape Coast that will help you make the most of your trip


Ultra chic Dîner en Blanc Haiti returns to Cap-Haitien after 3 years

Le Dîner en Blanc, a popular all-white chic outdoor dinner party, attracts Haitians and visitors worldwide for an unforgettable summer weekend in the country. As one of Haiti’s finest annual upscale events Dîner en Blanc is set to return to Cap-Haïtien Aug. 13, after a three-year hiatus.

Article for Lonely Planet:

Get more experiences in Ghana for less

Favorable currency exchange rates make Ghana a generally budget-friendly destination – but, as everywhere, the costs of traveling solo here can add up. Thankfully, your trip to Ghana does not have to leave a big dent in your wallet, and there are many ways to save money while traveling around this vibrant West African country. Here are some ways to make the most of your trip to Ghana on a budget.


Rise2HaitianCreole: How This Husband-and-Wife Duo Are Making Sure Haitian Creole Stays Alive

Spoken by roughly 12 million individuals worldwide, Haitian Creole is a language originating in Haiti that does not always get the attention it deserves. Many feel that Haitian Creole has become watered down over the years, but this Haitian couple is working to ensure the Haitian language continues to thrive in today's world.


Why this Small West African Country is Worth Visiting

Togo is a West African country that shares borders with Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin. To my surprise, many Westerners have never heard of Togo as it is not currently a popular destination for tourism in Africa. Upon visiting the country, I can conclude that Togo is a destination that should be on the bucket list of many planning on making their way to West Africa and these reasons will tell you why!

Article for LONELY PLANET:

The 11 best things to do when visiting Accra

Accra is known for giving its guests a cultural experience of a lifetime. With an extensive restaurant scene, exhilarating nightlife and history that lingers through the city streets, running out of things to do in Accra simply isn’t possible. While the beauty in Accra lies in the everyday interactions with people and blissful community-oriented spirit, there are sides to this city that are rarely mentioned yet add to its charm. Here are our favorite ways to explore Accra.

Article for LONELY PLANET:

Getting around Ghana is easy, whether you loll on the coast or roam the plains

Traveling through Ghana as a visitor sometimes can be challenging because there are so many unspoken rules, but with the right information, you’ll soon be on your way.


7 Haitian Therapists Say This is What You Need To Do To Manage Your Mental Health

Mental health has long been neglected in Haiti. Historically, the country's healthcare budget for mental health is below 3% even though the socio-economic situation in Haiti degrades the mental health of its people. Knowing that mental health is still taboo in our community, we asked 7 Haitian Mental Health professionals about how to manage mental health.


Meet The Haitian Foodie Bringing Island Cuisine to North Dakota | Lamise Oyugi

Known for its vast sunflowers, impressive landscapes, and historical landmarks, those visiting and living in North Dakota have something new to look forward to with Island Cuisine, a newly opened Caribbean-centered restaurant in North Dakota!


What to Expect on Your First Trip to Ghana

Ghana has earned itself a positive reputation among the travel community over the last few years. For many, it is recommended to be the first country to visit on the continent if you’re just starting Africa travel. With its friendly locals, rich culture, historical sites, and popping nightlife, it’s no surprise that this country has earned a top spot on the lists of many travellers. While everyone’s experience in Ghana varies, here are some general things to expect on your first trip to one one of Africa's most hospitable countries.

Article for Lonely Planet:

Do I need a visa to visit Ghana?

Before you head to Ghana to dive into the calming waters lapping Labadi Beach and shamelessly stuff your face with jollof rice (one of this West African country’s staple dishes), just one thing stands in your way – getting a tourist visa.


The Beauty Of Photos Through Passion: An Interview with Haitian Photographer Vencent Dorcilien

For many Haitian creatives, pictures tell stories and convey messages that only bold imagery, tailored strategy, and a keen eye for detail can capture. Vencent Dorcilien is a published portrait and sports photographer from Miami, Florida, whose photography holds special weight and can tell a million stories.