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Tips for Traveling Solo for the First Time 

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, you have most likely commenced your extensive research in preparation for traveling solo for the first time.

I have traveled to several countries, like Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ghana, solo and have picked up some helpful tips that will be useful for anyone looking to ditch the need to have a travel partner and finally take the leap to go by yourself.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you what you need to know about traveling solo for the first time so you can make your first solo trip a success and master the art of exploring the world alone. 

The advice in this blog post mainly focuses on travel abroad but can also be applied to traveling alone domestically!

Disclaimer: This blog post does contain affiliate links which means that if you book one of these activities using my link (which I know you will because you loved how helpful this blog post is *wink*I am going to receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting BCJ! 

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Before Your Trip

Prepare As Much As You Can to Boost Your Confidence 

Preparation will lead to confidence when traveling solo for the first time. Before you board your flight, you want to research the following:

  • Any special rules to follow where you are going
  • Customs
  • The dos and dont’s
  • Common scams
  • How the currency works: is it a heavy cash society vs card payment, where you can ideally withdraw money in the area 
  • Safety in X
  •  Tips for visiting X 

These are just a few things you want to have a good idea about before you reach your desired destination. You don’t want to be overly surprised when you arrive, especially if there are people who have traveled to that place before you and have laid it all out in a blog post or video of some sort. You will be alone; the last thing you want is any issues, so prepare as much as possible!

Having a plan for each day to follow also helps alleviate stress when traveling solo for the first time. Draft a rough itinerary of the activities you want to do, places you want to eat and see, and how you will get around on your trip. 

This way, each day you wake up in an unfamiliar environment, you know your agenda for the day and where to begin. 

Being prepared will help you feel confident while on your solo trip and at ease for what may come. 

Christina Jane traveling solo in Togo
Preparation is the key to feeling confident solo traveling! The more prepared you are, the more successful your trip will be!

Share Your Location and Itinerary with Trusted Ones 

Safety is often the number one concern for people embarking on their first solo trip. 

This is why I recommend sharing your location and itinerary with people you trust before you go on your trip. 

Think of your top 2-5 people in your life that you trust, speak to frequently, and/or see in person often enough to where they know certain details about what is normal or not for you. 

Ideally, those are the people you want to share your location with. 

That rough draft itinerary I recommended having earlier? Send that to them as well! 

When I was traveling solo for the first time, I sent my rough draft itinerary and the confirmation of my flight, hotel, and activities so they could also see what tour operators I would be with, the physical location of where I was staying, etc. 

I also created a group chat with all of the people I trusted in my life at the time and frequently updated them throughout my trip about when I arrived at the airport, any flight delays, the hotel, what I planned on doing that day if I strayed away from what was on the itinerary, etc. 

You will feel so much better knowing that you are leaving a digital trail behind and that while you may be solo, several people know exactly where you are. 

Be Connected Locally: Get A SIM Card 

If you are traveling solo for the first time and it is out of the country, getting a SIM card is one of my top tips. 

Having a SIM card when traveling abroad allows you to have cellular service, which means you will get a local phone number, be able to get online without WiFi and make phone calls if needed.  

Although WiFi is everywhere, you never know when it won’t be readily accessible, so cellular data service is a must, especially when traveling solo. 

You can choose to purchase a SIM card once you get to your destination country or use a website like Holafly, which provides you with an e-SIM, eliminates the need to find a cellular store when in the country, and provides you with service as soon as you touch down. 

I used Holafly for the first time on my trip to Colombia, and it was very efficient and convenient! 

Christina Jane traveling solo in Ghana
Research your desired destination so that you are respectful of the culture through clothing and mannerisms when you arrive.

Mentally Prepare Yourself to Enjoy Your Own Company

This may sound like a given, but you will want to be prepared to enjoy your own company while traveling solo or be really good at making friends with other people! 

I have seen in several online groups many women, in particular, who are finally on their first solo trip, but it turns out to be nothing like they expected, or they are lonelier than they thought they would be. 

It’s easy to watch a bunch of solo travel blogs and read about how amazing it is and think that it will be the same for you, naturally.

However, it’s important to know yourself and how you do with eating alone, going for activities and tours alone, etc.

In one of my other blog posts, I write about different ways to gain confidence to travel solo if you aren’t sure that you are ready yet. 

While there is nothing like having a travel companion, traveling solo does require you to be comfortable with your own company to a certain extent, and it’s important that you are mentally prepared for this in a foreign environment. 

Christina Jane traveling solo in Accra
Eating out is a common activity you will do when traveling solo! Practice taking yourself out to eat in your hometown before embarking on your trip in another destination.

Notify Your Banks that You Will Be Traveling 

If your solo trip is to another country, be sure to set travel alerts with all of your banks and the cards you plan on bringing with you on the trip.

The last thing you want is to be stranded without any funds in a foreign country or scrambling to call your bank when you should be taking in this new experience. 

Many banks will now allow you to set a travel alert on the app or website of your bank, making it a fast and simple process. 

Notifying your banks of where you plan to be will eliminate any financial issues during your trip. 

Bring Safety Gadgets for Peace of Mind 

Over the years, more and more people have been traveling with safety devices like door stop alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to add another layer of protection on their travel journeys. 

Having safety tools with you that you can use at any time can help you feel safer as a solo traveler. 

Before bringing any type of device into a foreign country, I highly suggest that you research the customs and laws of that country to make sure it is legal to bring it with you. 

I’ve created a list on Amazon that has a variety of travel must-haves with safety gadgets included that you can look through and decide what is best for you! 

Christina Jane traveling in Miami
You are responsible for your own safety when traveling so be sure to take all the precautions you need to in order to feel secure and confident on your trip.

During Your Trip

Lie, then Lie Again!

This is probably one of my favorite tips to give people who are traveling solo for the first time. 

Lie, then lie again, and lie some more! When you are asked if you are alone? Lie! Say that you came with some friends, but decided to explore on your own today.

Someone asks where you’re staying? Maybe say that you’re staying with your partner’s family in a nearby neighborhood!

I even know some women who will wear fake marriage rings to avoid being pursued in a certain manner. 

Whatever you have to say during your trip to reduce risks and stay “low” as a solo traveler, do it! 

The goal is to never share that you are traveling alone, so whatever you have to say to avoid sharing that information, go for it and get creative if you must!

Christina Jane traveling solo in Tulum
Be very careful about the information that you choose to share when traveling solo. You never know who is watching.

Avoid Looking Up Directions in Crowded Areas 

The less attention that is on you as a solo traveler, the better, and nothing screams “look at me” then looking lost in a sea of people. 

Do your very best to avoid looking up directions in crowded areas so you don’t find yourself in unfavorable situations like getting your phone snatched and blatantly looking like a tourist. 

Try to have an idea of where you’ll be going before leaving your accommodation and if you have to, step off to the side or pop into a safe shop/corner where you can look up directions to your next stop. 

Remind Yourself that Solo Travel is like Being Home 

As you are on your trip, a great mental trick is constantly reminding yourself that traveling alone is like running errands alone at home or trying something new. 

There are places at home that you may visit for the first time and will need to look up directions to or have never seen sides of, so think of it that way.

The main activities you will be doing are eating at restaurants, shopping, and planning activities.

Reminding myself of this always helps me feel more relaxed and at ease while on my trip alone! 

Christina Jane traveling solo in Washington D.C.
You will have to do activities alone when traveling solo. I try my best to have private tours to ease my nerves and have time to really soak in the experience and film what I need to!

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Now, I’m not a big drinker in general, but if you are, just know that traveling solo for the first time is not the time to overdo it. 

Be very mindful of the amount of alcohol you choose to consume, if you choose to drink at all, to avoid any safety issues or uncomfortable situations that can arise. You want to be in the right frame of mind at all times, especially because you are responsible for your own well-being. 

Be sure to always do your research on whether or not drinking is frowned upon or considered disrespectful in the culture you will be temporarily integrating yourself. 

Alcohol may even be illegal in some countries, so be mindful of local customs and norms to avoid unintentionally offending anyone.

Be Mindful of Social Media Posting 

It is best practice to never post on social media in real time. You never know who may be watching your every move, and it’s best to be safe rather than sorry in the long run. 

Broadcasting your location in real-time can make you vulnerable to theft, stalking, or other malicious activities. 

Not even just while traveling, but at home as well. You might unintentionally reveal that your home is unoccupied, making it a target for burglaries.

It’s best to wait until you either leave every spot or until you are back home completely to post about your trip to avoid these risks! 

Christina Jane traveling in Canada.
As a blogger, posting comes with the gig and I’ve mastered posting in a way that works for me, but always be mindful of when and what you post while on a trip.

Open Yourself to New Connections Carefully

My favorite part of traveling solo, in general, is the number of surprisingly new connections you can make. 

While it’s great to be open to new connections, be just as aware and cautious of everyone approaching you. 

Don’t share too much information about yourself; avoid sharing that you are traveling solo, etc. 

As time has gone on, I find myself being more open about whether or not I’m traveling solo and myself depending on my intuition (which has yet to fail me!), but on your first trip, definitely take it easy and don’t give too much! 

If you’re invited to go out to a place with some new friends/strangers, be sure to take yourself to and from the location, watch your drink and food at all times, and let your trusted loved ones know. 

Christina Jane traveling in Canada.
Meeting people from all over the world is one of the best parts about traveling solo, embrace it with caution!

After the Trip 

Reflect on What You Liked and What You Didn’t 

When you return from traveling solo for the first time, you’ll likely enter a period of reflection. 

After all, you have just embarked on a life-changing experience! Traveling solo for the first time is a big deal, and you should be proud of it. 

Take time to reflect on what you liked about the experience and what you did not. What would you change about your trip?

If you would do it again, that would be amazing. Welcome to solo travel life! 

If you don’t think it’s for you, that is absolutely okay as well. 

What matters is that you are exploring and finding your travel style(s)! 

Traveling solo for the first time is a transformative experience that offers so many opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth. 

While it can seem scary at first, stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the adventure can lead to unforgettable memories and valuable lessons learned. 

I hope this blog post inspired you to take the leap of faith to travel solo or reaffirm your decision to do so. 

Please let me know if you have any more questions or things you’d like me to expand on down in the comments below! 

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