Things to Do in Cape Coast, Ghana

Just a little under 4 hours away from Accra, lies Cape Coast. A residential beach town and fishing oasis, Cape Coast offers a calm contrast of Accra. Many people only ever visit Cape Coast for its slave “castles”, but the city also has many other activities and places to visit that should be on your […]

12 Things to Do in the Northern Region of Ghana

The Northern Region of Ghana is a new world compared to the country’s Southern regions. Located about 12 hours by road from Accra or a short 1.5-hour plane ride, the Northern Region of Ghana consists of many cities and towns filled with places to visit and experiences to have.  I’ve taken several trips to the […]

Zaina Lodge: The First West African Safari Lodge

For my 22nd birthday, I decided to book a chalet at Zaina Lodge, West Africa’s first safari lodge. Built among the forests of the Mole National Park in the Northern Region of Ghana, Zaina Lodge boasts a popular reputation for up-close and personal wildlife encounters.  The rates at Zaina Lodge are about $400/night (2,400¢) to […]

Luxury Tent Glamping Experience in Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Accra is filled with unique experiences you would never know are offered. I headed up to Shai Hills this week to experience my first ever glamping experience. When I heard that the Shai Resource Reserve offered overnight glamping experiences in addition to its day tours I had to experience this. As someone who has never […]

The Grand Marché in Lomé, Togo

If you visit Togo’s capital, Lomé, and don’t stop by the city’s largest market, did you go to Lomé!? But really, Grand Marché is easily the calmest market I’ve ever visited. As expected from any large market in a city, the Grand Marché is where you can find any and everything from take-home souvenirs to […]

Visiting the Ghana National Mosque

The Ghana National Mosque may be something to put on your list of “must-visit” places here in Ghana. Said to be the second-largest mosque in West Africa, the mosque covers 40-acres of land and was a $10 million investment by the Turkish Hudai Foundation and Turkey Government. The mosque’s construction began in 2011 and was […]

3 Days in Tamale & Northern Ghana

When I wrote this blog post, I would have been living in Accra, Ghana, for four months out of the two years I’ll be here for graduate school! Accra is Ghana’s bustling, pretty well-developed capital that captivates everyone’s heart. Still, it is also a city I need a break from every once in a while. […]

one month living in accra, 23 more to go.

When I first returned from Ghana in 2019, I struggled to want to share my experience with people. Not because I had a bad time and didn’t want to talk about it, but because no words could ever explain how for the first time in my life I finally felt like I was in an […]